AUSTRALIA ~ The Antipodes

AUSTRALIA ~ The Antipodes
I love a sunburnt country / A land of sweeping plains / Of ragged mountain ranges / Of droughts and flooding rains / I love her far horizons / I love her jewel-sea / Her beauty and her terror / The wide brown land for me / ~ Dorothea Mackellar (1885-1968)


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kayak in Waiting

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Kayak beached at Portsea, Mornington Peninsula
Ruby Tuesday meme

Nifty water craft
Colourful streamlined design
Exciting adventure

Hosted by maryt/the teach @ Work of the Poet

Monday, November 29, 2010

Classical Meets Modern

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Entrance to the Brighton International, Melbourne
One Single Impression #144 ~ Meld

Eclectic facade
Classical and modern meld
Grand sense of drama

Hosted by Andrée and SandyCarlson

Ship Lights

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Distant lights of a ship sailing Port Phillip Bay as viewed from Dromana, Mornington Peninsula
Digital Fun Challenge #8 ~ Light

A ship sails by night
Like a trail of fairy lights
Jewels in the darkness

Hosted by BLOGitse

In Line

Microfiction Monday #59 ~ where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer. Susan says:
Photos will be from my own archives; illustrations are from Dover Publications' free clipart sample newsletter.

I know she looks like a man in a long-haired wig.
But mark my words dear King
She will be a sweet wife for your son keeping him in line.

(140 characters)

Hosted by Susan (Ireland) @ Stony River

Harley Style

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Detail of a beautiful Harley parked outside the Portsea Hotel, Mornington Peninsula
Macro Monday #114

Ride in Harley style
Bold emblems mean uniqueness
Quality statement


Hosted by Lisa @ Lisa's Chaos


Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Competitive and casual bike riding is a very popular sport at the weekend on the Mornington Peninsula.
Mellow Yellow Monday #99

Joy of bike riding
Rigorous, fun exercise
Leisurely pleasure
Hosted by Drowsey Monkey

Sunday, November 28, 2010

In the beginning...

Pic by Gemma Wiseman
Carry on Tuesday #81 ~ This week we have the first line of Elton John and Tim Rice’s song from The Lion King, The Circle of Life:
From the day we arrive on the planet...

In the beginning
When first we knew planet earth
We longed to explore

Some soared to great heights
Some dived to darkest of depths
Some just walked the walk

In the beginning
When first we breathed on the earth
Life became a wheel

A wheel of fortune
A wheel of raw heat and ice
A wheel of reason

Hosted by Keith's Ramblings


Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Spring bud waiting to flower in my garden in the Dromana Hills, Mornington Peninsula
Haiku Heights #19 ~ Instinct
Today's Flowers #121

Knowing when to grow
Knowing when to fade away
Features of instinct
Sensing the season
Tuned to atmospheric moods
Spirit of instinct


Haiku Heights is hosted by Leo


Out of the Rain

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ When it's raining and Shadow still wants to be outside, she heads for an old lounge in the carport to ensure dry comfort.
You can see the dampness on the woods behind her.
Pet Pride meme

Let it rain and rain
Watch from comforting cushions
Wise gems from Shadow

Hosted by Bozo and magiceye @ wingsandpaws

Cheese Begins With...

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ We need these guys for cheese!
See It Sunday prompt ~ Cheese

In the beginning
Animals and plants meant food
And is cheese still pure

Theme announced each Saturday

Kookaburra Profile

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Macro profile of a kookaburra on my verandah in the Dromana Hills, Mornington Peninsula
Macro Monochrome #55

Little character
A joy of laughter each day
Tiny winged wisdom

Macro Monochrome is hosted by Birgitta Rudenius

Hotel Dromana Facade

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Old Dromana Hotel, Mornington Peninsula has an unusual facade of fluted, old Greek-like pillars.
I also don't know of many yellow hotels!
Unique Exposure's Photo Challenge ~ Pub

Old columns and lights
Eccentric hotel facade
Strange experience


Unique Exposure's Photo Challenge is hosted by xerraire

Weekend Nature #28 ~ Just Raindrops

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ With all the weeks of rain we have had here on the Mornington Peninsula, it was inevitable that at some time I would post a view of rain!

Beauty of raindrops
Like Nature's broken pendant
Heavenly treasure

Weekend Nature #28 ~ Just Raindrops
Thank you to those who linked and shared their posts!

Here you may post ANYTHING - landscapes or macros - related to Nature

animals - wild or domestic
rural landscapes
birds - wild or domestic

Grab the badge for your post or simply link back with a permalink!
(LINKS will usually open Sundays at 7:00am Australian Eastern Standard Time)
*** PLEASE - Include your NAME + COUNTRY(initials will do!)
e.g. Gemma, AUS

Sky Rails

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ I could not believe that I managed to see (and capture) this in the late afternoon clear sky after a rainy morning in the Dromana Hills, Mornington Peninsula
SOOC Sunday #107

Like parallel lines
Like a tiny sailing toy
Like signs in the sky

Hosted by Jan @

Like a Mandala...

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ My neighbour's chairs create intricate shadows when it's sunny!
Shadow Shot Sunday #132

Lazing in sunlight
Like a mandala pattern
Intricate cycle

Hosted by Tracy @ Hey Harriet

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ My little angel on my mantelpiece
Photo Time ~ Angel

Smiling sweet angel
Like a watcher of seasons
Guarding light and shade

Hosted by fredamans

Romance of Flowers

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ I don't know what these Spring flowers are.
But I found them in several Dromana gardens, on the Mornington Peninsula.
Flowers on Saturday #10

Like soft white fingers
Holding golden crucibles
Touched with a deep kiss
Bluberry craft and hobby time
Hosted by Ewa

Fragmented Sunlight

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Chair and large ornamental vase/goblet in my dentist's waiting room.
(Timing to take a photo of this while the receptionist wasn't looking kept my mind off other things!)
Weekend in Black and White meme

Shadowy textures
Fragments of sunlight at play
A sense of stillness

Hosted by Dragonstar

Weekend Mailbox #33 ~ Friends Forever?

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Strange to see just two mailboxes side by side like this at Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula

Odd mailbox friendship
Side by side strength in numbers
Like cottage and fence


Weekend Mailbox #33 ~ Friends Forever?
(This pairs with Beth's Postcard Friendship Friday HERE!)
LINKS OPEN Saturday at 2:05am Eastern Australia time - Melbourne
A few introductory comments:
1. Post a photograph of ANYTHING that relates to mailboxes.
Here are a few ideas/subjects!

vintage cards/postcards
old letters
even VIRTUAL letters
postal vans
2. Your link must be a "permalink" and go directly to your Weekend Mailbox post.
3. Link back to Weekend Mailbox in your post tags.
4. You may like to use the Weekend Mailbox badge located in this post or on the sidebar! Right click and save it on your computer. When you add it to your post, ensure you click on the image and link it to Gemma's Greyscale Territory. Then others may follow the link here.
P.S. I am aware that U.S. has official mailboxes.
But anything related to mail is great for this meme!
It's OK to think outside "the mailbox"!!!
N.B. As I think of extra possibilities, I will add them to the list!
You may even like to suggest some!
***PLEASE - Add your NAME + COUNTRY (initials)
e.g. Gemma, AUS
and link to Linky Tools below.

Evening Reflections

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ As light fades, a last glimmer of sunset lights reflects in a glass door leading to my verandah.
Weekend Reflections #62

Pink glow closing day
Like a small passing film frame
A flash and it's gone

Hosted by James (Pennsylvania, US) at Newtown Area Photo

Friday, November 26, 2010

Parade of Flags

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Parade of flags at the Dandenong Basketball Stadium, Melbourne
Color Carnival #67

Strong competition
Sport is a time to challenge
National spirit


Color Carnival is hosted by onangelwings

Seawinds Sculpture

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ One of several sculptures (by William Ricketts), set into the garden wall at Seawinds, Arthurs Seat, Mornington Peninsula
Thematic Photographic #125 ~ Sepia

An old rugged face
Viewing life through the seasons
Spirit of wisdom


Thematic Photographic is hosted by Carmi Levy

Boutique Art

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ A beautiful little boutique shop at Mornington.
This shop sells all manner of artworks from paintings, to sculptures, to mirrors, to lighting, to designer accessories.
Friday My Town Shoot Out ~ Shop Fronts

Unusual art
Creatively shaped colours

Friday My Town Shoot Out is hosted by Sarah



A place of beauty in the Western Tiers


View near Blackwood Park Cottages, Mole Creek

New Landscapes

New Landscapes
New Worlds

Archive of Blog Quotes

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  • Autumn is an introspective season when stray thoughts of the mind dive into the mystique of the soul - Gemma Wiseman
  • Autumn is the bridesmaid of Summer and the flowergirl of Winter ~ Gemma Wiseman
  • Autumn whispers the tones of yesterday in a minor key ~ Gemma Wiseman
  • Love is born / With a dark and troubled face, / When hope is dead / And in the most unlikely place; / Love is born, / Love is always born. - Michael Leunig's Christmas Song Cycle "Southern Star"
  • Spring paints the stars of heaven in Earth colours ~ Gemma Wiseman
  • Summer sizzles with a sibilant hush / Broken by dreams of / Clinking ice ~ Gemma Wiseman
  • The object of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul. - G.K. Chesterton
  • Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. - Stanley Horowitz
  • Winter is the fire, simmering lonely in the soul ~ Gemma Wiseman
  • Winter is the shadow, the etching of the seasons in the mist ~ Gemma Wiseman

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