AUSTRALIA ~ The Antipodes

AUSTRALIA ~ The Antipodes
I love a sunburnt country / A land of sweeping plains / Of ragged mountain ranges / Of droughts and flooding rains / I love her far horizons / I love her jewel-sea / Her beauty and her terror / The wide brown land for me / ~ Dorothea Mackellar (1885-1968)


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blink and You'll Miss Me!

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Shadow can be fast and agile at times!
She has just scrambled up to the verandah level from the ground (quite a height!) and is now climbing over the railing!
Pet Pride meme

Blurry action shot
But good speed defies photos
Wise gems from Shadow


Hosted by Bozo and magiceye @ wingsandpaws

Halloween Dream

Collage by Gemma Wiseman ~ Lately, we have had endless days of rain - a few days of Spring sun and then rain and rain.
I found these rose petals strewn on my verandah steps.
The colour seemed to have saturated into a ghostly shell.
And so began a dream...
Carry on Tuesday #77 ~ Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier starts with the words:
Last night I dreamt I...
One Single Impression #140 ~ Fancy

Rain is a blessing
(Or should be)
But what if there is endless rain...

Last night I dreamt a Halloween dream
A Halloween fancy
A fearful prophecy
Tomorrow showers a new cycle of
Nature's Mysteries

Last night I dreamt
Rain became the new world power
Driving humanity indoors to enjoy
Virtual bushwalks
Virtual picnics
Virtual walking on golden sands by a blue sea

For outside
Light was grey
Sapping surface hues to skeletal pigments

Ghosts breathe here but cannot live

Last night I dreamt I was rain
Devouring colour

Hosted by Keith's Ramblings

Hosted by Andrée and SandyCarlson

Weekend Nature #24 ~ Communal Nesting

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Beautiful waterbirds nesting together at the Coolart wetlands, Bittern, Mornington Peninsula

Feathered motherhood
Communal support system
Wetlands dynamics


Weekend Nature #24 ~ Communal Nesting!

Here you may post ANYTHING - landscapes or macros - related to Nature

animals - wild or domestic
rural landscapes
birds - wild or domestic

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Like Hands Begging...

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Spring flower in the Dromana Hills, Mornington Peninsula
Macro Monochrome #51

Like hands cupped open
Petalled fingers are begging
Leave me in beauty

Macro Monochrome is hosted by Birgitta Rudenius


Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Footprints in the Dromana sands, Mornington Peninsula
SOOC Sunday #103
Haiku Heights #15 ~ Mystic ~ suggested by Megzone of Megzone.

Patterns of journeys
Mystic footprints remember
Yesterday's traces

Hosted by Jan @

Three Lines from Your Heart
A Haiku Art
Hosted by Leo

Seagull and Shadow

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Seagull and shadow at Dromana beach, Mornington Peninsula
Shadow Shot Sunday #128

Softly rippling light
Winged shadow rests on water
Gentle Zen moment

Hosted by Tracy @ Hey Harriet

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Moon Romance

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Moonlight over Port Phillip Bay, Mornington Peninsula
Photo Time ~ Moon

Romantic setting
Moonlight shimmers on the bay
Beauty of darkness

Pic by Gemma Wiseman

Hosted by fredamans

Mysteries of Darkness

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ My candles glowing
PhotoHunt #237 ~ Dark

Whisper of candles
In the stillness of the dark
Pulse of magic light


Hosted by tnchick

Sorrento Spring Flowers

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Flowers in a park at Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula
Flowers on Saturday #6

Purples and deep blues
Bouquets of mystical tones
Sweet Spring mysteries
Bluberry craft and hobby time
Hosted by Ewa

Dromana Mural

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Mural of early Dromana on one of the boat sheds near Dromana pier, Mornington Peninsula
The pier used to carry rail tracks for loading containers on ships.
Weekend in Black and White meme

Village hugs the pier
Busy commercial shipping
Back in older days


Hosted by Dragonstar

Weekend Mailbox #29 ~ Limbo Mailbox

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Perhaps this would have to be the lowest mailbox I have ever seen.
It is in Dromana, Mornington Peninsula

Bend down and stretch out
The mail demands gymnastics
How low can you go

Weekend Mailbox #29 ~ Limbo Mailbox
(This pairs with Beth's Postcard Friendship Friday HERE!)
LINKS OPEN Saturday at 2:05am Eastern Australia time - Melbourne
A few introductory comments:
1. Post a photograph of ANYTHING that relates to mailboxes.
Here are a few ideas/subjects!

vintage cards/postcards
old letters
even VIRTUAL letters
postal vans
2. Your link must be a "permalink" and go directly to your Weekend Mailbox post.
3. Link back to Weekend Mailbox in your post tags.
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P.S. I am aware that U.S. has official mailboxes.
But anything related to mail is great for this meme!
It's OK to think outside "the mailbox"!!!
N.B. As I think of extra possibilities, I will add them to the list!
You may even like to suggest some!
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Nature's Panels

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Morning skies and silhouettes reflected in my neighbour's verandah windows in the Dromana Hills, Mornington Peninsula
Weekend Reflections #58

A line of panels
Painted segments of morning
Like mural colours

Hosted by James (Pennsylvania, US) at Newtown Area Photo

Friday, October 29, 2010

Apple Blossom in the Rain

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Spring apple blossom just after rain in the Dromana Hills, Mornington Peninsula
Blooming Friday prompt ~ Water

Gentle pink beauty
Music of apple blossom
Laden with fresh tears

Hosted by Katarina

Wheels Friday #18 ~ Quarantine Wheels

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Part of the old disinfecting area at the Quarantine Station, Point Nepean, Mornington Peninsula

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ The tracks were for trolleys rolling in items to this chamber for disinfecting

Quarantine Station
Old wheels with blurry secrets
Disturbing moments


Wheels Friday #18 ~ Quarantine Wheels

Here you may post ANYTHING related to WHEELS!
You may offer some explanation OR you may simply let us enjoy the view!

cars - vintage and modern - exterior or interior
steering wheels
bikes - motorised or pushbikes
carts/wagons - vintage or modern
inner mechanisms - e.g. wheels of a clock
art/ornament based on wheels

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On the Wings of Morning

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Morning skies in the Dromana Hills, Mornington Peninsula
SkyWatch Friday #109

Creative paintwork
Pretty watercolour light
Morning awakens

Hosted by Klaus Sandy Wren Fishing Guy Sylvia

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coolart Garden Walkway

Pic by Gemma wiseman ~ A beautiful walkway in the gardens of Coolart at Bittern, Mornington Peninsula
This Way Thurs-Way #76

Sweet winding magic
Spring flowerings at Coolart
Cameo wonders
This Way Thurs-Way is hosted by fredamans

My Little Bridge

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ A little feature bridge in my front garden in the Dromana Hills, Mornington Peninsula
Yard Art on Thursdays meme

Like a magic bridge
Like a silvered bow to dreams
Gentle reverie

Pic by Gemma Wiseman

Hosted by maryt/the teach @ Work of the Poet

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Railway Metro

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Artistic sign at the entrance of Flinders Streeet Railway Station, Melbourne.
This is the current name of the company "organising" the Melbourne rail system, replacing Connex.
Midweek Blues meme

Old railway facelift
Busy name for busy times
Hub of connections


Hosted by Rebecca Haegele @ The Dusty Cellar

Rough Seas

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ Rough seas at Dromana beach, Mornington Peninsula
Watery Wednesday #111

Intriguing waters
Energy of tumbling seas
Nature in action

Pic by Gemma Wiseman

Hosted by 2sweetnsaxy aka T. Bruce

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feet of Legend

Pic by Gemma Wiseman ~ An unusual presentation of a sign for a sports shoe store at Rosebud, Mornington Peninsula
Ruby Tuesday meme

Borrowed from legend
New winged feet of Mercury
Sporting messenger


Hosted by maryt/the teach @ Work of the Poet



A place of beauty in the Western Tiers


View near Blackwood Park Cottages, Mole Creek

New Landscapes

New Landscapes
New Worlds

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